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Police Officer Use of Deadly Force Research Paper:

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Study Finds Body Cameras Decrease Police’s Use of Force

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The police have developed innovative uses of technology, but often they are force-specific and not shared nationally Photograph: Mark Makela/ZUMAPRESS. com/Alamy New technology has huge. The Criminal Law Actthe Police and Criminal Evidence Act and common law apply to all uses of force by the police and require that any use of force should be ‘reasonable’ in the circumstances.

Reasonable in these circumstances means. Police: Use of Force and Race. Three in four Americans say police officers in their community make them feel safe, but whites are far more likely to feel that way than blacks.

Taser: An officer's weapon of choice. The Taser is touted for saving lives and preventing injury, but a new study says that some police officers reach for the weapon too quickly.

Benefits of Police Body Cameras Following is a list of the advantages for both cops and citizens: The necessity to record every interaction with residents is bound to minimize complaints about police officer behavior and the unnecessary use of force, because interactions are captured for everyone to see.

Jan 31,  · For the best answers, search on this site This is a bit difficult, In the case of "police brutality" you have a violation in the use of force continuim, this falls under 2 catagories (normally): NESSASARY FORCE AND EXCESSIVE Resolved.

Use of police force essay help
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