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Sustaining the transformation

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Volume 81, Issue 8. Author: By becoming a member of the Marine Corps Association & Foundation, This website is not an official U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) site, however, the owner of this website is an official trademark licensee of the USMC. Zaltman] on Learning sustaining the transformation usmc essay help to write well takes homework help everyday math time and practice.

Be sure to leave yourself enough time for all of these. Headquarters United States Marine Corps Washington, D.C. 28 June FOREWORD Our Corps does two things for America: we make Marines and we win our nation's battles.

Our ability to successfully accomplish the latter, of course, depends upon how well we do the former. We make Marines through a process called transformation.

Sustaining the Transformation

"Sustaining the Transformation" will be the subject of an upcoming White Letter from the Commandant. Sustainment is the final phase of the Commandant's Transformation initiative which began in (MCG, Nov96, pp.

). The book "Sustaining the Transformation" is a US Navy publication which gives a detailed information on how Marines are created in the process referred to a author focuses on how new volunteers in the US Marines unit are ushered into the service, and how they become fully integrated into the norm of the Marines.

Sustaining the transformation usmc essay help
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