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Generally, Polonius advises him to be balanced, smart (especially. Online Essay Help; Character Analysis: Polonius in Hamlet. You are here: Home; English; Character Analysis: Polonius in Hamlet 3.

) The advice that Polonius gives to Laertes is simple and sounds foolish being told to a person of Laertes’ age. Martin Orkin comments on the nature of Polonius’ speech: 2 “Shakespeare’s first. This famous bit of fatherly advice is spoken by Polonius to Laertes shortly before Laertes leaves for France, in Act I, scene iii (59–80).

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Polonius enters, and offers Laertes lengthy advice on how to live in Paris; he spouts a string of aphoristic clichés enumerating the shoulds and shouldn'ts of a young man's life. Laertes agrees, telling Polonius that he really must be going, and reminding Ophelia of his directive to her.

Polonius enters to bid his son farewell. He tells Laertes that he must hurry to his ship but then delays him by giving him a great deal of advice. While Polonius tells Laertes all of his good advice, he says, “My blessing with thee'; (hopebayboatdays.com).

This statement shows that Polonius really wants Laertes to be successful when he goes to France. Polonius says, “Beware of entrance to a quarrel';, (hopebayboatdays.com) because he wants him to be safe.

What advice does Polonius give his son in Hamlet? Polonius advice to laertes essay help
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