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Discovery of Radiation and Radioactivity Essay

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i did this report for my chem 1 class, its nothing special, but if you need some info on electrons, or the discovery of, then this is great. noneThe Discovery Of The ElectronThe electron was discovered in by J.J. Thomson in theform of cathode rays 3/5(2). Discovery of Radioactivity No.

1 in a series of essays on Radioactivity produced by the Royal another unknown radioactive compo-nent. With the help of her. Both herself and her husband refused to file a patent application on their discovery of radioactivity in order to let the whole world benefit from its applications.

However, her contributions did not stop there. Marie Curie died of a type of leukemia, and we now know that radioactivity caused many of her health problems. In the s scientists became aware of the dangers of radiation exposure: The energy of the rays speeds through the skin, slams into the molecules of cells, and can harm or even destroy them.

Read this passage from "Marie Curie and the Discovery of Radioactivity": To the Austrian mine owners who had sent the pitchblende ore, it was just dirt.

Discovery of radioactivity essay help
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